Feeding your fiesta until we siesta. Oléheartedly Spanish.

Client / The Toledo Kitchen
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  • + Brand Strategy
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  • + Packaging Design

Despite the brand originating in Spain, this one falls slightly closer to home. The Toledo Kitchen is a BuxtonThreeTwo own brand project. We can build brands. And so we built our own.

The Toledo Kitchen believe that meal time is real time, and this shared experience is a fiesta-force for social and psychological wellbeing. With no brand doing Spanish food justice in the UK, the founders are on a mission to bring the popular dishes to the UK.

Breaking free from clichés, we developed a powerful brand that was confident in what it was saying, while bringing the character we love the Spanish for. A strong, typographical style paired up with an impacting colour palette, combines to create a design language to take you back to the sun. An eating experience that warms the body, mind and soul; Sol Food.