Buxton Three Two

Efficiency and transparency is at the heart of all of our creative processes. We work with you closely at every stage to ensure a smooth and effective relationship, that consistently delivers optimum results.


To catalyse our creative process, it’s crucial that we know you, your business and your market inside out. We evaluate your motives and inspirations behind starting the business, and unearth all value propositions and USP’s that your product offers. Through this process we will also clarity and align the vision for the business and decide on a brand direction that will get guaranteed cut through.


Having decided on the most effective brand direction for your product in the Discover Phase; we then apply a variety of visual and verbal personalities that all perfectly align with this brand direction in specific styles. We’ll present you with  core styles and personalities that we believe will resonate with your target market; and work closely with you to fine tune the concepts until we have decided on which is the most effective. Once the Create Stage is complete, the foundations of your new and improved brand identity are set; we will then apply this style and personality to all the elements of your business!


The third and final phase of our creative process is application and execution. With brand direction, style, personality and core assets all in place, it’s time for delivery. Here we roll-out final artwork, packaging and printing; and bring your new brand to life! Throughout the entirety of this process, we are still robust and work closely with you to ensure that you have everything you need, in the exact way you want it. Beyond this phase we still hope and expect to be able to guide you through introducing your new brand to your market in the most effective way.