Buxton Three Two

An Interview With Olly Hiscocks @ Ollys Olives…

Olly, just to give a bit of background to those who are unaware of your brand, can you tell us a bit about your journey to date?

Well, it all started with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It was me or my best mate who was going to buy the first load of olives for us to try. Luckily, I won, and I had my first introduction to the wondrous olive world (free of charge). I’ll never forget those big, juicy olives – their delicious flavour, crunchy texture and perfectly balanced marinades.

However, I soon realised that not every olive gave me the same reaction. I learnt that companies committed olive treason by pasteurizing them, adding artificial preservatives and mixing them with dull ingredients. Since then I set out with the aim of producing the world’s first unpasteurised olive snack pouch, in order to maintain the nutritional benefits and delicious taste.

We’ve gone from a one man band, rustling up olives in the kitchen, to a team of 4 in London and the trusty olive production team in Greece. We’re stocked on Virgin trains, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and recently Etihad Airways. The Sainsbury’s partnership has been fantastic for us as we’ve launched a new range of chilled pots.

Congratulations on everything to date, can you tell us a bit more about the new range of products in Sainsbury’s?

It’s been really great. Sainsbury’s were’re so taken by the brand and our original range of products that they requested we bulked our olive arsenal with some new offerings. Born were the new members of the olive family, The Fresh Chilled Pots. We’ve released 2 new flavours, Stuffed Jalapeño and Chipotle and Pepper Drop.

You can find them sitting on the shelves of sainsburys in UK now, although probably not for long ;).

Amazing, they look delicious! What was important to you when developing the brand?

We wanted to stay in line with our brand values and style, developed with our first range, but also add a funky twist, bringing an even fresher feeling to the table. With the introduction of new ingredients it was really crucial that we brought this to surface and really tried to create a taste of the flavour visually.

It’s always really important to nail the branding when releasing a new line of products and make sure that it’s inline with your existing brand & segment of the audience that you’re targeting.

I hear that you’ve recently closed a round of investment, are you able to give us some insight?

Sure! We recently launched a successful funding campaign, raising £250k with the help of the Angel Investment Network. We’ve managed to bring on some really great team members aligned with the olive dream and are positioned fantastically to continue our rapid expansion. The Angel Investment Network were immense and really helped us pull the round together. If you’re looking to raise seed capital I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with the team.

Nice work! Tell us a bit about where the business is heading. Where do you see your brand in 12 months time? What’s the vision? What are your goals moving forward?

We’ve come a really long way in a short period of time and our growth has been fantastic but it still feels like we’re at the start of our olive expedition. We’re hungrier than ever to spread the olive love and create opportunities for everyone to get their hands on these bad boys. There’s still so much room for scale and we’ve got some really exciting things lined up for the next 12 months. Stay tuned 😉

Last but not least. Luckily we’ve had the pleasure of being part of your journey from the start, can you tell us a bit about your perspective on the experience with BuxtonThreeTwo?

It’s been an absolute pleasure. We’re a consumer focussed business and so of course the brand and the connection with our market is crucial.

Buxton have been able to understand the vision and drive and translate it into a eye-catching brand with unique visuals, packaging and content. Not only have the results been more than I could have hoped for, the relationship has been fantastic. Everything has been transparent, on time and at a very reasonable price.

I couldn’t recommend Buxton highly enough for any aspiring consumer focussed entrepreneur who wants to create something that really works.

Long may it continue!

Thinking about branding your business? Get in touch @ info@buxtonthreetwo.com for a chat….